Youth Wellness Level 2 (Ages 13-14)

Thank you for working towards completing your Youth Wellness program with the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA.  Please review the steps below in order to complete your Youth Wellness Orientation.

Step 1:  Please review the videos for each level prior to beginning the test.  You must score 90% on the test in order to successfully complete the Virtual Wellness Training.

Step 2:  Once you receive a score of 90%, you will be emailed a certificate and a note will be placed on your account within 72 hours of completion.

Step 3:  While waiting on your certificate, please click here to see a list of all facility rules and familiarize yourself with those not covered in the training videos.

Step 4:  Upon arrival to the YMCA,  please check in at the Welcome Center.  You will be given a Youth Wellness Pass that must be worn or placed on the machine in plain site during your workout.  Please return the pass at the end of your workout to the Welcome Center.

The AMA YMCA is excited that you have taken the first step in creating a healthier you! Please remember that your Youth Wellness Pass can be revoked at any time for those not following facility rules or acting appropriately on the fitness floor.



Warm Ups

Bench Press

Leg Press



Back Extensions

Airdyne Bike

Matrix Treadmill

Elliptical SmartStride

Recumbent Bike


Once you have watched all of the videos above, please click here to access the Level 2 Exam. You must earn a 100% on the test in order to receive credit for completing the course. Remember that you must pass the Level I Youth Wellness Exam, before you are able to pass Level 2.

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