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Before and After School Care

Visit our registration page to enter your child’s school or district to find out if the YMCA program is offered at your child’s school site and register today.

The Y makes the most of your child’s after school time by offering active learning opportunities designed to engage and expand young minds. Housed in local schools, YMCA Before & After School Care gives your child the opportunity to participate in active play and collaborate on fun projects. But YMCA Before & After School programs are more than child care. They offer a path with a purpose. Students engage in a variety of structured activities that promote positive social interactions, indoor and outdoor play and reinforce academic learning concepts, as well as lessons in empathy, inclusion and service learning.

Before School Program

  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – until school begins
  • Members – $24.99/week and Non-Members – $34.99/week

After School Program

  • Hours: Monday – Friday, school dismissal – 6:00 p.m
  • Members – $49.99/week and Non-Members – $79.99/week

The Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA serves:

  • Arlington Independent School District (select schools)
  • Arlington Classics Academy
  • St. Joseph Catholic School

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A Typical Day

Community Time

Welcome children into the program; this can consist of a formal greeting, icebreakers or group games. Students receive a healthy snack that includes a whole grain, fruit and water. During this time, staff will be trained to use evidenced-based social-emotional learning (SEL) activities to promote diversity, inclusion, empathy, compassion and critical thinking.

Brain Power Hour

Dedicated time for students to work on daily homework and participate in self-guided academic learning centers. Students will be allowed to use any technology device needed to assist with homework, with parent’s permission.


Age-appropriate structured, hands-on, fun activities intended to reinforce academic learning concepts. The Y uses evidence-based curriculum-related to STEM and literacy in partnership with Scholastic Learning and others. Activities will be focused on STEM and literacy but incorporate various subjects throughout the year.


Age-appropriate structured enrichment activities such as music, art, theater, DIY crafts, global awareness, service learning and character education intended to expose students to new experiences to ignite their imagination and foster a love of service and empathy for others.


Physical play activities that can take place either outside or in the gym/cafeteria or playground incorporating CATCH Kids Club curriculum.

Registration Information

Check out our site listing to find out if the YMCA program is offered at your child’s school site and register today. Special rates available for YMCA members. 

To begin the registration process: 

  • Consider becoming a YMCA Member! YMCA members enjoy significant savings (up to $1,000 annually) on before and after school program rates as well as a host of other benefits. Visit our Benefits & Amenities page to learn more. Non-members will pay an annual activation fee. The fee for Parent(s) with one child is $69.99 and parent(s) with more than one child is $99.99.  
  • After becoming a member, we ask that you create an online account so that you can register for after school care 
  • Participating children must be added to the membership profile, for selection to register for the before and after school programs 

Think Ahead, Save Time

Are you ready to register for a YMCA child care program? Registration is all online! Be sure to have the following items ready will help expedite your online registration. We look forward to serving your family!

If your child has any special needs or will need special accommodations while in our care, please contact your local Y prior to starting the registration process.

Registration Checklist
Arlington ISD Free Afterschool Care Information

Have Questions?

Contact us at [email protected] or call (817) 989-9629.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All programs are on-site except ACA which gets bussed to Central.

All site phone numbers will be posted at the site and will be listed in the initiatives that are to come prior to the program starting.

Initiatives will be sent out with this information prior to the program starting.

Parent’s/Guardian’s/Authorized pick-ups will have to come inside to the program space to sign in/out the child(ren).Parent’s/Guardian’s/Authorized pick-ups should always be prepared to present their ID at sign out.

Snacks and/or Meals are provided. Offerings vary by school.

Payments are due the Monday prior to the week of care. If payment is not made on Monday, registrants will receive a phone call and email notification of the non-payment. If the payment is not paid by Wednesday, registrants will be removed from the program. If the program’s registration is full the child(ren) removed will need to re-register and will go to the bottom of the waiting list is there is one.