Youth Wellness

Youth ages 10 to 14 meet with a personal trainer to learn important healthy lifestyle skills and review facility rules and guidelines for safety in the fitness center. Classes include education on age-appropriate equipment, nutrition, and how to develop a fitness routine. Upon completion of the class, participants ages 10 to 12 are allowed to use the cardio and strength equipment within arm’s reach of a parent and 13-14 without a parent on the fitness floor. 

Virtual Youth Wellness Training: Level 1 (Ages 10-12) & Level 2 (Ages 13-14)

  1. Please review the videos for Level 1 and Level 2 prior to beginning the test 
  2. You must score 90% on the test to successfully complete the Virtual Youth Wellness Training. Click here for the Level I test. Click here for the Level 2 test. Remember, you must pass Level I before you are able to pass Level 2.
  3. Please click here to see a list of all facility rules and familiarize yourself with those not covered in the training videos.  
  4. Upon arrival at the YMCA, please check in at the Welcome Center. You will be given a Youth Wellness Pass that must be worn or placed on the machine in plain sight during your workout.  Please return the pass at the end of your workout to the Welcome Center. 

Youth Group Personal Training

Work up a sweat and build muscle with our Youth Group Personal Training, our newest program just for kids and teens! Sessions will offer a mix of body weight exercises, partner activities, and fitness-based games. For ages 10-17.

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Kids Fitness Group Exercise Class

This group exercise class geared specifically for kids and preteens includes a variety of physical education games that help develop motor skills. Expect fun and an experience that helps kids develop focus and concentration as well as increased flexibility and strength. For ages 5 – 12. Cooper Street YMCA location.

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