Register for a Class

Group exercise classes are a great way to stay active and motivated. Your tribe is waiting for you!  Reservations are required for group exercise classes and lap swimming. We can’t wait to see you!


Group exercise promotes motivation and inspiration by allowing class members to cheer each other on, coach each other on form and offer that extra push when needed. 


Becoming a regular fitness class fosters relationships throughout our community including instructors, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and excited to come to class each day.


Sometimes just getting to class is the hardest mental part of your workout, so knowing a spot is reserved just for you provides a sense of accountability.

Online Reservations

Scheduled fitness classes are a great way to stay active and motivated and get to know other members who attend the same YMCA.

Reserving a spot in one of our fitness or water aerobics classes is quick and easy to do! Our schedules are posted online and registration is convenient and secure. You can register for just one or multiple classes at a time up to 72 hours in advance.

How to Book a Class Online

Step 01: Find Your Facility

Find your local YMCA from the list below and click “Reserve Your Spot” to find a schedule with all the programs eligible for reservations. All schedules provide the number of spots remaining so you’re able to know if a class or program is in high demand.

Step 02: Create a Login

Log in to your Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA account using your email address and password. If this is your first time, create a log in with your membership information.

Step 03: Reserve Your Spot

Simply enter your information and complete the registration to have your spot reserved for your upcoming class or program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Welcome Center at your local YMCA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any member who has a facility membership is able to register and attend group exercise classes at a YMCA center as a member benefit.

When you find a class you’d like to take, click “sign up.” Please register for all classes and cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. If you do not cancel your registration you will be tagged as a no-show. If you have 10 no-shows in 30 days you will be blocked from registering for 7 days. We are happy to help you with registrations and cancellations if you are new to the process.

Anyone 13 and older.  Youth ages 10 to 14 meet with a personal trainer to learn important healthy lifestyle skills and review facility rules and guidelines for safety in the fitness center. Classes include education on age-appropriate equipment, nutrition, and how to develop a fitness routine. Upon completion of the class, participants ages 10 to 12 are allowed to use the cardio and strength equipment within arm’s reach of a parent and 13-14 without a parent on the fitness floor.

Our instructors often provide options for movement in a class, so if it is too difficult you can adjust to make it more comfortable for yourself. If it is still too difficult, please feel comfortable to do as much as you can before leaving the class. You tried and did your best, which is what matters. Also, check our group exercise schedule for a different level for the class. We often offer multiple levels for classes, so you can attend a class that meets your skill level. Feel free to come back and try again!

Yes, you should try to introduce yourself to the instructor. Share your skill level and any information he/she may need to know about you so they can provide appropriate options and modifications to keep you safe and provide the best experience possible. The more they know about your goals and expectations, the better equipped they will be to help make you successful in their class and also recommend others you may enjoy. Instructors love to meet and guide new students!