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The Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA offers a variety of sports where our sports staff, coaches and volunteers all share a singular vision of helping everyone reach their full potential in life. Our sports programs are for all, helping to build confidence and positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, with flexibility in offerings and schedules in mind that are designed for family convenience. 

Youth Volleyball

Youth volleyball provides an introduction to the popular sport invented at the YMCA. Participants progress from learning the rules to developing skills in the areas of bumping, setting and serving that combines team play with individual skills. Our focus is on being safe while having fun, the value of participation over winning, supporting positive relationships and good sportsmanship by instilling a sense of fair play and mutual respect for others.

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Two lines of young soccer players pass by each other clapping each other’s hands as a sign of good sportsmanship. 

Youth Soccer

YMCA youth soccer is designed to encourage participation and having fun. The basic skills of the game are developed through practices and games coached by volunteer coaches. Our program focuses on building character and incorporating friendly competition. Every child will learn sportsmanship and the values that are necessary to be successful in life.

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A group of young boys are running together with one holding a flag football outside on a football field. 

Flag Football

Flag Football is offered multiple seasons at the YMCA. This skills-driven sport offers friendly competition and a focus to develop the skills fundamental not only to play the sport, but also to be successful in the community through commitment, dedication and sportsmanship. Our goal is to cultivate our youth into becoming outstanding people just as much as helping them become outstanding players. Flag football is fun for everyone!

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A young boy wearing a catcher’s mask and chest protector squats down and catches a baseball with his mitt during a baseball game. 

Youth Baseball, T-Ball & Softball

Youth baseball, t-ball, and softball is an exciting sport that develops team play and individual skills while making friends. Your child will learn fundamentals, nurture their skills and feel the support of coaches and a team. They will also learn teamwork, sportsmanship and build a community from within. We aim to keep every child moving and focus on their health and well-being, providing a fun and positive experience for kids to enjoy the game.

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A group of young men of different ethnicities dribble a ball during a basketball game. 

Youth Basketball

After over a hundred years of teaching this sport, we’ve learned a thing or two. YMCA basketball emphasizes fun while encouraging fundamental skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our program gives kids exposure to positive competition as they continue to grow as a player, athlete and person by focusing on skills, rules, mechanics and basics like listening to coaches or being a good teammate to help participants refine their skills in a sport they love.

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A young girl wearing a hijab holds a bow and arrow aiming at a target in an indoor gym. 


Our program is designed to teach kids and adults the fundamentals of archery. It focuses on concentration, patience, and confidence essential for safety and enjoyment of the sport. We want you and your kids to have fun and meet new friends in a non-competitive environment.  Instructors are USA Archery Certified.

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A young boy and girl throw a bowling ball onto a bowling lane with background sign that displays “Alley Cats.”


Bowling is America’s #1 participation activity and is loved by children ages 5-12. Over 40% of this age group bowl at least once per year! Our YMCA youth league bowls Monday evenings and select Tuesday evenings. Teams warm up 15 minutes prior to the start of games. Each player will bowl two games every week individually that contributes to a team score. Keep an eye out for seasonal Adult Bowling leagues!

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Two young Caucasian girls wearing cheerleading uniforms hug each other.


Cheerleading at the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA is a great way for youth ages 5-12 to build confidence and character while developing social skills and healthy relationships with other children! Participants will learn the fundamentals of cheerleading including basic motions, jumps, cheers, chants, and put their skills to practice.

A young Caucasian girl performs a Taekwondo martial art movement.

Martial Arts

The Martial Arts program provides instruction in kicks, blocks, and punches for self-defense to kids and adults. We focus on teaching the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and Indomitable spirit while building strength and balance in a positive, can-do environment.

Martial Arts For Kids & Adults
A young Caucasian girl wearing a mask and holding a lacrosse stick runs on a field.

Intro to Lacrosse

Lacrosse is designed to teach young players the fundamentals of the game. Players learn through drills how to scoop, pass and catch in a fun team atmosphere with minimal contact. The focus of this program is to master the basics before advancing in the sport. Players who complete “Intro to Lacrosse” program have the opportunity to register for other lacrosse opportunities that involve team-oriented play and tournaments. 

A young dark-hair girl looks out onto a red-colored track.

Track & Field

Our youth track and field program is designed to provide children with the opportunity to learn the proper running and field event techniques, speed development, and an overall appreciation for the sport. The AMA YMCA participates as a team in the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (T.A.A.F) Track & Field program, Region 4.

Run Track
A young boy wearing glasses and headphones plays a computer game.


Esports is a video game competition for individuals and teams. Gamers in the Y’s leagues and tournaments will enjoy game play in Rocket League, Madden, Smash, Fortnite, Pokemon, NBA2K, FIFA and others.

Health Benefits

Regular physical activity benefits health in many ways, including helping build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints; helping control weight and reduce fat; and preventing or delaying the development of high blood pressure.* Exercise is one of the least expensive ways to stay healthy, with one study finding that exercise can prevent chronic diseases as effectively as medication.** 

* (GAO, 2012) ** (British Journal of Medicine, 2013) 

Educational Benefits

Organized sports activities help children develop and improve cognitive skills.* Physical activity, in general, is associated with improved academic achievement, including grades and standardized test scores. Further, such activity can affect attitudes and academic behavior, including enhanced concentration, attention, and improved classroom behavior.** 

* (Piche, 2014) ** (GAO, 2012) 

Psychosocial Benefits

A correlation has been found between regular exercise and mental health among students in general as they move into the teenage years.* Children who reported no exercise were twice as likely to have mental health problems, particularly related to anxiety and depression, compared with those who met the recommendation of an hour a day. * (Women’s Sports Foundation, 2004)

Frequently Asked Questions

The age cutoff is September 1, 2021- so, if a player was still 10 as of 9/1/21 then they are eligible to play in the 9/10 division this spring (i.e., they could have already turned 11). If they were already 11 as of 9/1/21, then the player is not eligible for the 9/10 year old division and must select the 11/12 year old age group.

This is a process in which more competitive teams are played against each other and the newer/less experienced teams play against each other to produce better match–ups. The season structure and rules are the same between the two divisions. Parents now have the option to select a more competitive or recreational experience – particularly those of free agents that are unattached to a specific coach. Recreational is best for 1st time players or kids that are still learning the sport to be able to grow their skills and learn the game. 

We try our best to honor every teammate and coach request, however they are not fully guaranteed due to roster space and other circumstances.
Volleyball: knee pads, water bottle, practice ball  

Baseball/T-Ball/Softball: water bottle, bat, glove, helmet  

Archery: closed-toe shoes, water bottle, bow (optional)

Contact Sports Director Paige Savage ([email protected]) for additional information and volunteer requirements.  

Parents will receive practice and season information from their coach by Sunday, April 24 before practices start. Coaches must clear a background check before they have access to the roster.

Your coach will reach out and provide details about practice time, date, and location.

The game schedule will be posted on PlayerSpace.

There are 6 weeks of games in a season (plus one bad weather make-up week). The 3/4 & 5/6 divisions will play 6 games in 6 weeks.  

The age groups that are ages 7/8 and older will play 6 regular season games in 4 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of tournament games (total 8 games in 6 weeks). 

No cancellations or refunds after the registration deadline. 

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