Coaching Resources

This opportunity is to develop players in a positive way and become a mentor and leader for your team. Join us and make a difference in your community. Motivate and support youth in building the character strengths, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, smart life choices, and the pursuit of higher education and goals. You will be responsible for leading practices, games and communication with your team and the YMCA Sports Director. This is a 7-week commitment, one hour per week for practice and one to two hours per week for games (typically on Saturdays).

Required Forms

Coaches will be required to complete a criminal background check, volunteer reference check, and Athlete Protection Training. The Sports Department will not be able to release a team roster to the volunteer without the necessary items completed. Please contact a member of the Sports Department by email to start your application process.

For more information, please contact our Sports Department at [email protected] or [email protected].

Child Safety

The Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA does not tolerate the mistreatment or abuse of youth in our programs. Our organization performs criminal background checks, including screening through the national sex offender registry, on candidates prior to employment and on program and board volunteers prior to volunteering. Anyone with a background of mistreatment or abuse to youth will not be considered for employment or volunteer opportunities with our organization.


Parents can help establish trust between youth and their instructors by sitting back from the class and allowing the instructor to give guidance, help solve issues, etc. Talk with your child(ren) about their time at lessons and your role during this time versus the instructor. If needed, talk with the instructor about how to help establish boundaries.


Every player’s individual development is our top priority as an organization. Development includes the technical and physical skills a player learns, but it also includes the life lessons that make our players strong leaders and teammates. The good sportsmanship and respect a coach shows will resonate with each player, helping shape the way they respond to situations in their future.


While coaching, you often don’t notice how much exercise you are getting because you’ll be engaged with the children. This type of exercise is so refreshing after a long day of work and gives you the opportunity to not only connect with the kids, but with yourself. In addition, coaching is FUN, which is sometimes exactly what we need.