GOAL $15,000

A one-day event to show your support for the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA and the community we serve.

Your Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA needs your support more now than ever! We are focused and committed to provide programs and services to our community.

Programs Supported By Your Donation:

Financial Assistance: Perhaps today, more than ever there are families and individuals in our community who need financial assistance. Our country is experiencing record unemployment rates and in the Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas area we are higher than the national average (www.bls.gov). We have all felt the sting of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the Y we never turn anyone away for their inability to pay. Our neighbors, friends, and family need assistance with child care, youth sports programs, enrichment classes, health & wellness programs, swimming and safety around water programs and so much more. Your donation will help a family in need receive assistance so they can utilize the programs and services the Y provides.

Before and After School Programs: Before and After School care is critical for the families in our community. Many parents are “back at work”. They are no longer working remotely or they are starting new jobs after being laid-off or furloughed. Often finding themselves trying to catch up financially and need the support of the YMCA to subsidize the cost of child care. Your donations helps moms, dads, guardians, and grant parents with safe and reliable care.

Youth & Government:  Our Youth and Government Program continues to thrive even in a pandemic. Our students are participating in learning more about our judicial system. In a year, when civil unrest and racial equity is a part of our lives we need to support this program. This program is helping to bring the best a brightest students to become civil leaders and activist.

Youth Sports:  Youth Sports during a pandemic can be difficult. Our children need the interaction, they need the exercise, they need the opportunity to play and learn. Our kids need youth sports more now than ever. A safe and encouraging program to help them through the stress 2020 has put them under.

Healthy Living: The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on all communities. It has been especially hard on our minority communities. We know that access to healthy living and education can help improve the quality of life for many people. Your donations help our communities in need have access to wellness centers, fitness activity and education about chronic disease prevention.

Safety Around Water and Swimming Lessons: Whether you’re playing in a backyard pool, splashing in a bathtub, or cooling off during the summer months next to a local stream or river, it just takes a moment. A child or weak swimmer can drown in the time it takes to reply to a text, check a fishing line, or apply sunscreen.Teaching children how to swim and be safe in and around water is one of the most important life skills kids can gain. It not only saves lives; it builds confidence.

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