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Membership Referral

You Save and the Community Scores

We know that word of mouth is one of our greatest advertising tools and we love to see friends visit our facilities together! Whether it’s through a workout buddy, or friends joining a youth sports program to feel a bit more confident about a new experience, it all attributes to an amazing sense of community belonging at the Y. Bring in a friend to join the Y, and you both save on your monthly membership dues as long as you are both active members. Plus your friend pays no joining fee.

How It Works

Our Member Referral program is a great way to gain instant workout buddies, and some extra cash in your pocket! Benefits of having those you know and love as members of our Y are limitless – whether it’s accountability, sharing goals and progress or validation, it’s great to have friends at the Y. Be sure to have them take the steps outlined below so you can reap the benefits! 

Step 01

Refer a Friend to Get Started

Fill out the form below OR have your friend go to any Arlington-Mansfield YMCA location, mention your name, and join.

Step 02

You’ll Both Save

Once your friend officially join as a member of the AMA YMCA, you will both receive a percentage off of your monthly membership dues as long as you both stay active members.

Step 03

Enjoy That Extra Cash!

With your referral, not only will you both receive monthly savings, but you’ll also be able to enjoy that extra cash.

Let’s Get Started!

We want you to tell your friends and family how much you love the Y and encourage them to join and share in the experience with you. With our member referral program, it pays to help your friends and loved ones stay healthy and active as members of the Y. 

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