Donate Your Used Vehicle

The Y is a registered charity with V-Dac. If you have a used vehicle you’d like to donate to the Y, click the link for more information. We will receive 70% of the sale price of the vehicle as a donation back to the Y.

The YMCA Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is a group of donors who have determined that the mission, values and programs of the YMCA should be perpetuated for children and families in our community, and therefore, have named the YMCA of Arlington in their estate plan. Heritage Club members may direct their gifts or bequests for the general mission of the YMCA or to benefit a specific branch or program. Contact the Development Office for more details.

The YMCA Chairman’s Roundtable

The Chairman’s Roundtable is a group of donors who have made a gift at a leadership level, ensuring that the YMCA is able to bring positive change to the community. They are recognized each year in our Annual Report, and invited to Chairman’s Roundtable events throughout the year. Please consider a gift of $1,000 or more to create positive change in the Greater Arlington  and Mansfield communities.

A Gift of Time, Talent, or Resources

Volunteers make the Y work. Whether you volunteer as a campaigner, at a special event or service day, or volunteer on a committee or a board, a gift of your time and talent will keep the Y strong in the community. You can also give resources – whether it be sports equipment, office supplies or equpiment, professional services, or any other material assets. Contact the Development Office for more details.


For more information on giving to the YMCA please contact:
Heidi Hardy, VP of Community Engagement

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