Phone: 817-299-9629
Fax: 682-331-8501
HR Fax: 682-331-8500

Eric Tucker, CEO & President
Lindsy Fernandez, Chief Financial Officer
Shawanna Antoine, Staff Accountant
Pam Young, VP of Human Resources & Risk Management
Sherida Ziyad, Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Heidi Hardy, VP of Community Engagement
Daison Lyken, VP of Marketing & Communications
Aleigha Alderete, Digital Marketing Specialist
David Miller, Director of Member Engagement and Support Services

Central YMCA Family Center

Phone: 817-274-9622
Fax: 682-331-8505

Michele Culpepper, Executive Director
Emily Swanson, Director of Membership & Healthy Lifestyles
Nicole Spaust, Business Manager
Jessica Puebla, Childcare Director
Christian Seth, Sports and Aquatics Director
Jacob McBride, Building & Maintenance Supervisor

Cooper Street YMCA Family Center

Phone: 817-419-9629
Fax: 682-331-8503

Irene Johnson, Senior Executive Director
Jamie Mulry, Director of Membership
Shelbi Raetz, Membership Coordinator
Colleen Overton, Director of Healthy Lifestyles
Shelly Morgan, Business Manager
Emilie Marez, Director of Childcare & Family Services
Brittany Sanders, Childcare Coordinator
Michele Gwin, Sports & Aquatics Director
Curtis Van Geem, Aquatics Coordinator
Sandy Watkins, Diabetes Prevention Coordinator
Kim Lee-Bay, Active Older Adults Coordinator

North YMCA Family Center

Phone: 817-548-9622
Fax: 682-331-8504

Cory Brazeal, Executive Director
James Reese, Director of Membership & Health Lifestyles
Barbara Gannon, Membership Coordinator
Melissa Gross, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator
Peyton Hicks, Business Manager
Brian Reber, Director of Childcare
Vanessa Crivello, Childcare Coordinator
Anna Wiskirchen, Sports & Aquatics Director
William Cummings, Building & Maintenance Supervisor
Barbara Hopson, Special Friends Coordinator

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