Phone: 817-299-9629
Fax: 682-331-8501
HR Fax: 682-331-8500

Eric Tucker, President & CEO
Lindsy Fernandez, Chief Financial Officer
Shawanna Antoine, Staff Accountant
Pam Young, VP of Human Resources & Risk Management
Sherida Ziyad, Human Resources & Payroll Specialist
Heidi Hardy, VP of Community Engagement
Nicole Spaust, Community Engagement Specialist
Daison Lyken, VP of Marketing & Communications
Aleigha Alderete, Digital Marketing Specialist
David Miller, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Central YMCA

Phone: 817-274-9622
Fax: 682-331-8505

Quinton Buckley, Executive Director
Emily Swanson, Senior Program Director
Heidi Arkema, Membership Coordinator
Kelly Myers, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator
Jacob McBride, Building & Maintenance Supervisor

Cooper Street YMCA

Phone: 817-419-9629
Fax: 682-331-8503

Cheryl McCarver, Interim Executive Director
Jamie Mulry, Director of Membership
Shelbi Raetz, Membership Coordinator
Colleen Overton, Director of Healthy Lifestyles
Shelly Morgan, Business Manager
Curtis Van Geem, Aquatics Coordinator
Sandy Watkins, Diabetes Prevention Coordinator
Kim Lee-Bay, Active Older Adults Coordinator
Gary Auvenshine, Facilities Director

North YMCA

Phone: 817-548-9622
Fax: 682-331-8504

Cory Brazeal, Executive Director
Barbara Gannon, Membership Director
Melissa Gross, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator
William Cummings, Building & Maintenance Supervisor
Barbara Hopson, Special Friends Coordinator

YMCA Sports

Phone: 817-989-9639
Fax: 682-331-8504

Anna Wiskirchen, Sports Director
Chris Lee, Sports Director
Charlie Padilla, Sports Coordinator
Bianca Mendoza, Sports Program Assistant

Youth Engagement Services YMCA

Phone: 817-989-9629
Fax: 682-331-8505

Emilie Marez, Program Director
Jessica Puebla, Program Director
Brian Reber, Program Director
Vanessa Crivello, Business Manager

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