One of the major things I learned through the Y’s Youth and Government program is it’s better to be humble and confident than insouciant.”

– Kennedy Montgomery, YMCA Youth Governor of Texas

Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.

At the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA, we help children and teens realize their full potential by nurturing their social emotional, cognitive and physical development. Kennedy Montgomery, for example, has learned to harness his leadership skills to his advantage through his involvement with the Y’s Youth and Government program over the last three years.

After relocating to Texas from Flint, Michigan, Kennedy made it his focus to continue his participation in the program and fought to have Youth and Government at his new school. After recruiting 10 students from Mansfield’s Timberview High School, Kennedy began running for Youth Government in Texas.

His platform, building a stronger Youth and Government presence in the state of Texas,  won the nomination at the District conference. Of the two governor delegates, Kennedy was elected the Texas Youth Governor at the State Conference in Austin. He is also Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA’s first Youth Governor in the program.

Kennedy exemplifies the thousands of bright young people in this community who have the opportunity to realize their potential through such programs as Youth and Government.

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