Teen Specialty Camps

Summer camps aren’t just for younger kids! The YMCA offers fun and challenging camp activities specifically tailored to preteens and teens. Teens will have fun as they learn, grow and thrive under the guidance of caring, well-trained staff members.


Babysitting Certification
Is your teen ready for more responsibility? If so, Babysitting Certification is a great way to gain fundamental skills. In this workshop, your teen will get hands-on experience working with children and get certified in CPR and First Aid. By the end of the week, each camper will go home with a babysitting booklet filled with reminders, tips, tricks, games, and activities.

Ages 10-16 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 3 | Fellowship Academy
Week 8 | Central YMCA

Digital Photography
Take a shot at this camp, which is sure to be a blast for anyone interested in media arts. Campers will learn about freelance photography and develop important digital photography skills, including how to be savvy and safe on social media. Then, our young photographers will put those skills into practice by traveling to local hot spots to snap the perfect photo. They will have the opportunity to create their own online portfolios. Teens are asked to bring a camera or a phone with a camera.

Ages 10-14 • $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 3 | Central YMCA
Week 5 | Fellowship Academy

Traveling daily, your sharpshooter will crawl, roll and dart through fields and obstacles for a fun-filled experience. Goggles, guns, protective headgear, and paintballs are all provided, but campers are welcome to bring their own equipment as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Although all paintball guns are checked by the referees and set for safety at a velocity of 250 feet per second
or less, some hits may still cause bruising.

Ages 11-15 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 10 | Central YMCA

Park Hoppers
This camp is a MUST this summer! We have taken the best of the best field trips and put them all in the same week. Campers will be visiting a new park or arcade every day. Highlights include Dave & Busters, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and Epic Waters!

Ages 10-16 | $239 members/$289 non-members
Week 4 | Fellowship Academy
Week 9 | Central YMCA

Project Change
This is the perfect opportunity for your teen to earn community service hours, all while making a difference and giving back. Teens will volunteer at local establishments such as Mission Arlington, the Children’s Hospital, retirement homes, or the Humane Society. This is a great camp for teens looking for new experiences and to give back to the community!

Ages 10-16 | $69 members/$99 non-members
Week 4 | Central YMCA

Six Flags Camp
If your teen loves Six Flags, then this is the camp for you! The rush of roller coasters and splash of water slides are sure to be the highlights. Teens will visit Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor daily, taking in the best of the parks throughout the week. From Pandemonium to the Texas Giant to Batman, this camp is sure to thrill!

Ages 10-14 | $239 members/$289 non-members
Week 5 | Central YMCA
Week 10 | Fellowship Academy


For more information on Summer Camp, please contact:

Vanessa Crivello, Business Manager, Youth Engagement Services
Email Vanessa or Call 817.989.9629 ext. 5500

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