Specialty Camps

Does your child have a specific interest or hobby? Are you looking for a camp that specializes in sports or STEM? Browse through the specialty camps section for camps that combine the traditional fun of YMCA day camps with the more specialized skills (by providers or YMCA experts).


Animal Explorers
It’s time for your camper to discover the animal kingdom — hands-on, up close and personal! This adventurous camp will travel to different animal parks and have onsite reptile experiences. Campers will go to the Aquarium, Fort Worth Zoo and other exciting animal destinations.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 4 | Central YMCA

Bull’s-eye! This summer, take a shot at a fun sport with archery experts. With steady hands and straight aim, our little archers will be learning about equipment, shooting, and technique. Campers will also participate in themed craft activities and games. All equipment needed to participate will be included.

Ages 8-12 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Week 3, 8 | Fellowship Academy
Weeks 4, 10 | Central YMCA
Week 5 | Sheppard Elementary
Week 6 | Sherrod Elementary

Arts & Crafts
Your young Picasso will use a variety of creative techniques to create masterpieces and memories. Campers will also enjoy traditional camp
activities such as swimming, games, and songs.

Ages 6-10 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Week 3 | Sheppard Elementary
Weeks 4, 10 | Fellowship Academy
Weeks 6,9 | Central YMCA
Weeks 7 | Sherrod Elementary

Avengers Assemble
Always dreamed of joining a team of superheroes? We have just the camp for you, “Avengers Assemble”! Campers will train for battle through obstacle courses, design their own hero disguises, and test their superhero skills through physical challenges. Do you have what it takes to save the world?

Ages 6-10 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Week 9 | Fellowship Academy

Your camper could learn to be the next big NBA star with this fundamental sports week. Daily activities include instruction in dribbling, passing, shooting and positioning. YMCA basketball camp is for young athletes looking to build fundamental skills and have fun.

Ages 7-12 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Week 5 | Central YMCA
Week 10 | Sherrod Elementary
Week 11 | Fellowship Academy

Bouncin Bonanza
Inflatable slides, jumping rides, and obstacle courses are some of the adventures you can expect in a week of non-stop fun in Bouncin Bonanza. We will be bouncing, springing and vaulting into different facilities across the Metroplex and exploring all the inflatable wonders they have to offer.

Ages 6-10 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 2 | Fellowship Academy
Week 12 | Sherrod Elementary

This camp is sure to strike everyone’s interest! The bowling alley will provide the lanes and shoes; the YMCA will provide excitement with plenty of fun to spare! No experience is necessary. A bumper bowl will be used for younger bowlers. Please be sure that campers bring socks each day.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 4 | Fellowship Academy
Week 5 | Sherrod Elementary
Week 7 | Central YMCA
Week 9 | Sheppard Elementary

Cheer & Dance
Two, four, six, eight! Our Cheer Camp is really GREAT!!! Calling all cheerleaders! Come smile, bounce, jump and dance your way through cheer instruction and a choreographed dance routine. This camp proves to be full of spirit and teamwork for the ultimate dance experience. The squad will end their week with a final performance to showcase their talents!

Ages 5-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 5 | Fellowship Academy

Strategy is key when it comes to chess domination! Campers will learn different techniques, play multiple games, and develop into true chess champs. It’s time for a checkmate!

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 10 | Fellowship Academy

Our young culinary artists will be loaded with helpful tips and tricks after spending a week with our talented YMCA chefs. Each day, your little chef will learn to create different delicious, tasty treats and creative dishes.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has a food allergy, please notify the Camp Unit Leader on the first day of camp.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Weeks 5, 8 | Fellowship Academy
Week 11 | Sheppard Elementary
Week 12 | Central YMCA

CSI Mystery
Campers will take a walk on the wild side by following clues, hints, and evidence to solve mysteries. Every day, campers will work together using techniques such as forensic science, fingerprint testing, and crime photos. After this camp, the mystery will be history!

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 11 | Central YMCA

Dodgeball Madness
Dodge, strike, run, jump and be the last one standing in Dodgeball Madness! Campers will enjoy extra playing time, specialized games, and learn new strategies. If you love dodgeball, this camp is for you!

Ages 7-12 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Weeks 3,12 | Fellowship Academy
Week 8 | Sheppard Elementary
Week 13 | Central YMCA

Experience the sport of fishing by traveling to hot spots throughout the Metroplex. Campers will learn basic techniques in a fun and safe

PLEASE NOTE: Fishing poles required.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 6 | Central YMCA
Week 8 | Fellowship Academy

Fore! Look out for fun as your child learns the sport of golf. Lessons will be taught by excellent teaching professionals, and your camper will
learn the basics of putting, short game, and the full swing. Along with lessons, campers will play some holes and learn golf etiquette. Campers are welcome and encouraged to bring their own clubs.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 3 | Central YMCA
Week 9 | Fellowship Academy
Week 10 | Sheppard Elementary

Campers will have the opportunity to interact with the real HEROES of our community and learn about different aspects of first responder professions. Each day the campers will learn about a different aspect of life as a first responder including the police department, fire rescue, and emergency medical transportation.

Ages 6-10 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 11 | Fellowship Academy

Horseback Riding
Campers will learn the basics of horsemanship. The camp will include a riding lesson each day that will focus on walking, trotting, posting and guiding. Campers will be partnered up for the entire week to care for a horse throughout the week! They’ll learn about horse safety, equestrian careers, how to care for sick horses, and how to identify different breeds. The following riding gear is required: riding boots or heavy leather, lace-up (no velcro) tennis shoes and long pants (no shorts or Capris). Required riding helmets will be provided.

Ages 7-12 | $239 members/$289 non-members
Weeks 5,9 | Central YMCA
Weeks 6,11 | Fellowship Academy

Ice Skating
This camp is designed to be a fun and educational experience for beginner and intermediate ice skaters alike. Traveling to the skating rink daily, campers will skate every day and work on skill development. When they aren’t on the ice, campers will complete fun ice-themed
crafts and cool snacks. Skates are provided, although campers may bring their own skates and gloves. Please be sure to wear or pack a pair of socks each day.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Weeks 3, 10 | Central YMCA
Week 9 | Fellowship Academy

Karate Kid
Every great journey begins with one step. This camp will help your Karate Kid hone in on skills in the martial arts. Campers will learn traditional karate techniques, in addition to learning how to defend themselves. If your camper is tired of the same old summer and ready to get up and move around, this camp is for you!

Ages 6-12 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Weeks 8 | Sherrod Elementary

Laser Tag
The YMCA is proud to offer this exciting and immensely popular camp. Campers of all ability levels enjoy the full range of the laser
tag experience including exciting team building and game-tactical components. During the camp week, campers will play a
wide variety of game formats and become seasoned players. They will discover their inner leader as they chart out their teams’
strategies and learn how to best achieve the goals of each game.

Ages 6-11 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 2 | Fellowship Academy
Week 8 | Central YMCA

LEGO Builders
This intense LEGO-building camp is for the extreme LEGO camper. Campers will learn how to craft, build and construct different LEGO structures through exciting games and instruction. Young builders will also have the opportunity to use their imagination to create their
own structures and masterpieces. On Friday, campers will end the week with the ultimate trip to LEGOLAND!

Ages 6-11 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Week 1 | Fellowship Academy
Weeks 3 | Sherrod Elementary
Week 5, 11 | Central YMCA
Week 6 | Sheppard Elementary

Ready, Set, Science
Ready… Set… Go! Let your little genius shine in this over-the-top, high-energy fun zone! Campers will enjoy erupting volcanoes, exploding projects, hands-on science, and many more exciting experiments.

Ages 6-11 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Weeks 4 | Sherrod Elementary
Week 6 | Fellowship Academy
Week 7 | Sheppard Elementary
Week 8 | Central YMCA

Really Rad Reptiles
Your camper will meet and greet a variety of reptiles such as snakes, frogs, tortoises, turtles, lizards, bugs and other creepy-crawlies! Campers will also participate in fun reptile inspired art projects, games and activities. If you like these cold-blooded creatures, this camp is definitely for you!

Ages 6-10 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 12 | Fellowship Academy

This wet, wild, and fun camp is sure to keep your little fishes busy. Campers will enjoy a fun-filled, 30-minute jam-packed swimming lesson with outstanding YMCA certified instructors, followed by an extended swim time full of splishing, splashing and sploshing! When the children are not in the pool, they are having a blast participating in other camp activities such as arts and crafts, games, songs, sports and more.

Ages 6-8 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 | Central YMCA

Sports of all Sorts
If your camper loves sports, this is the camp for them! From baseball to soccer to basketball, each day highlights something different. Our coaches will focus on skills, but more importantly, build the love of the sport. This camp also includes a behind-the-scenes tour at a local stadium. Your sports lover will think that this camp is a home run.

Ages 6-10 | $169 members/$209 non-members
Weeks 1, 7 | Fellowship Academy
Week 2 | Sheppard Elementary
Weeks 9 | Sherrod Elementary

Swim Academy
Swim Academy is a great way to develop, challenge, and advance your swim experience. In this aquatic academy, campers will work with our
certified Y lifeguards and have time to build on essential swimming skills. This camp is designed to help campers become stronger swimmers. Campers will have two to three hours of pool time daily; their time will be divided into lessons, free swim, water games and more.

Ages 7-10 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 11 | Central YMCA

Join the likes of Nadal or Williams with this high-energy sport. Each camper will gain a better understanding of the basics of tennis during the lesson, focused on stroke development, and taught by qualified tennis instructors. Emphasis is on the fundamentals for our beginner
and intermediate players.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 4 | Sheppard Elementary
Week 6 | Fellowship Academy
Week 9 | Central YMCA

Water Palooza
This wet and wild camp will be a great way to escape the summer sun. Our campers will keep cool with water balloons, games galore, extended swim time, a slip and slide, and trips to splash pads and a water park.

Ages 7-12 | $199 members/$239 non-members
Week 6 | Central YMCA


For more information on Summer Camp, please contact:

Vanessa Crivello, Business Manager, Youth Engagement Services
Email Vanessa or Call 817.989.9629 ext. 5500

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