Youth Wellness Classes

Youth ages 10 to 13 meet with a personal trainer to learn important healthy lifestyle skills and review facility rules and guidelines for safety in the fitness center. Classes include education on age-appropriate equipment, nutrition, and how to develop a fitness routine. Upon completion of the class, participants ages 10 to 11 are allowed to use the cardio and strength equipment within arm’s reach of a parent and 12-13 without a parent on the fitness floor.


For more information on Youth Wellness Classes, please contact:

Melanie Rose, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator, Central YMCA
Email Melanie or Call 817.274.9622 ext. 2500

Rebecca Slemmons, Association Director of Healthy Lifestyles, Cooper Street YMCA
Email Rebecca or Call 817.419.9629 ext. 4500

Melissa Gross, Healthy Lifestyles Director, North YMCA
Email Melissa or Call 817.548.9622 ext. 3500

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