We’re UPDATING to a fresh new look


More than simply a building, the Y is the heart of the community. Your North branch is being remodeled from the front desk to locker rooms with a whole new look and upgrades you’ll love! We have heard your suggestions for facility improvements, and we appreciate your patience as we improve your YMCA to better meet the needs of the thousands of youth, teens, and families who enjoy our facility every day.


Phase I will begin on November 11. Please review the following updates:

Phase I – 11/11-12/15

Week 1 [11/11 – 11/17]

First Floor
Racquetball courts are closed.
The racquetball courts are closed. 

Second Floor
The restrooms are closed.
We are adding new flooring, countertops, toilets, lighting to the restrooms. The restrooms will re-open on December 15.

The main stairs are closed.
The stairs are being re-surfaced to take on a whole new look. The elevator is available for accessing the second floor.


Week 2 [11/18 – 11/25]

Second Floor
The aerobics room will be closed.
We are adding new fans, paint, millwork on the countertops, refinished floors and overhead cleaning in the aerobics room. Group exercise classes will be moved to other locations throughout the building. Please check the group exercise board in the lobby on the first floor for more information. The aerobics room will re-open around November 27. [11/22 UPDATE: New lighting will be installed in week 5. New carpet will be installed in week 4.]


Week 3 [11/25 – 12/01]

Second Floor
Upstairs restrooms.
Begin installation of ceramic tile.

The aerobics room will be open.
The aerobics room will re-open November 27. Please check the group exercise board in the lobby on the first floor for the new schedule.


Week 4 [12/02 – 12/08]

Second Floor
The restrooms will be closed.
Complete ceramic tiles installation. New fixtures and accessories will be installed.

[11/22 UPDATE: New carpet will be installed in the entryway of the aerobics room]

Some areas of the fitness floor will still be closed.
Finishing up flooring on the fitness floor and turf for new personal training/coaches corner.

[12/04 UPDATE: The elevator will be closed tomorrow, December 5, beginning at 5 pm through the remainder of the evening in preparation for the new floor being laid. The cardio equipment and aerobic room will still be accessible via the emergency internal stair access located on the lower fitness floor. The half-track will also be temporarily closed tomorrow from 5 pm  to 10 pm but it will be back open Friday, December 6th, in the morning]


Week 5 [12/09 – 12/15]

Second Floor
The aerobics room entrance is now open.
The main entrance to the aerobics room is now available for use.

The fitness floor is now open.
New light fixtures and flooring will be installed and equipment will be placed back on the fitness floor.

Track update.
New stripes added to create walking and running lanes. [11/22 UPDATE: Track stripes will be added in Phase 3]


Floor Plans

1st Floor

2nd Floor



Phase II information will be ready on December 6.

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