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YMCA World Service in Vietnam

As a part of our organization’s commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Global Engagement, we partner with the YMCA in Saigon to build schools, teach English and provide basic medical care to children living in rural areas across southern Vietnam.

Building Bridges Abroad and at Home

It’s amazing how local immigrant groups can be welcomed and engaged in our YMCA when an active interest is taken in understanding their language, customs, culture and cuisine. Our partnership in Vietnam provides the framework for creating dialogue and inclusion here at home.


This picture was taken during the most recent YMCA World Service trip to Vietnam. Aaron Perales, Arlingon ISD’s Executive Director of Engagement, Equity and Access, had the honor of representing the United States at the ribbon cutting for the newly built classroom.


Our partnership has helped direct our YMCA’s outreach to the Vietnamese community, such as in new programs, community focus groups, language integration and participation in local events like the Dragon Boat Race.

Get Involved

We partner with the YMCA of Greater Houston to annually bring up to 20 volunteers to Vietnam for two weeks every March to participate in the program.  Volunteers include community leaders, YMCA board members, staff and local Vietnamese Americans.  If you are interested in this World Service opportunity, please contact Eric Tucker at [email protected].