It’s time to hit the RESET button on your health in 2021

If you agree and are ready for something new, this NATIONWIDE CHALLENGE is for you.

When: The challenge starts February 1st
Where: Anywhere
Cost: FREE to participate and $12 for a T-shirt (optional).

Challenge Details: 
The RESET challenge is 6 weeks long. During this time each participant is challenged to commit 30-min a day for 5 days of each week. We are going to be experimenting with daily challenges and rhythms that are designed to help you live a more purpose driven life. During this time all participants will receive weekly emails filled with motivational tips and tools to set you set foundational healthy habits for your life.  Best of all, this challenge is FREE to participate. Our goal is to help you truly discover what it means to hit the RESET button.

If you want to join us and your fellow YMCA friends from across the country, please click here to join.


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