The Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA and the Trinity Community Foundation are partnering for a charity golf tournament in May 23, 2022 at Shady Valley Country Club.

We have sponsorship and team opportunities available.

Please reach out to Annie Wheeler at or 817-564-1911

Click here to view or download the Golf Tournament Brochure.


Trinity Community Foundation

What we do?

We are serving our community by providing community play days. Help us bring play and resources to our community.


We know that when children are shown love and
compassion they flourish. Our goal is to show not only our
love for the children in our community, but the love that
God has for them as well.
Play is important for optimal child development and is recognized
as a human right. This birthright is challenged by a lack
of resources available to children living in poverty. In partnership
with the YMCA, we bring to the community a day to just be
kids and play. A day parents and families can enjoy.
Connection is perhaps the greatest gift to give to each other.
We are committed to partnering with local organizations who
want to join our mission and connect with people in targeted
communities. We bring multiple organizations together for the
purpose of connecting resources to our community.


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