YMCA’s 6-Week Health Fitness Program

The road to better health has many twists and turns, and often a pothole or two. Like many of us, you’ve probably been down the road before, but for one reason or another you were detoured from reaching your destination. Research indicates that participating in regular physical activity establishes a routine which will increase your rate of success to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Join our program today to get you ready to become a better and healthier you with our certified wellness coaches. This program is FREE for full YMCA members.

This is for you!

Begin a new journey that can get you back on the road to better health with the YMCA’s 6-Week Personalized Fitness Program. This program is intended for people of all ages and abilities, and is designed to move you toward the habits and behaviors of a successful regular exerciser.

What is it?

The 6-week, step-by-step program that offers guidance, motivation and structure so that you will start, and stick with, regular exercise as part of your lifestyle. Our planned approach helps you find appropriate physical activities that will be introduced in small, achievable steps.

Why should I participate?

This program will help you develop self confidence and the solutions needed to overcome the roadblocks that have kept you from becoming, or staying, physically active—all through structure, guidance and supportive relationships found at the Y.

What can I expect?

  • During your 6-week program you will have meetings with your trained Health and Well-Being Coach
  • Goal setting based on your needs
  • A phased approach on cardiovascular and strength-training equipment
  • An expectation that you will commit to improve your health and well-being
  • Continuous guidance and support throughout the 6 weeks

How do I get started?

Schedule your first appointment with a Welcome Center staff member.

At your first appointment, you will set realistic goals and map out your next steps to become more physically active. Your coach will be there for motivation, encouragement and support, and to monitor your progress toward your goals.

Following your first appointment, you and your trained health and well-being coach will map out a program for you, and will set a time and date for your additional appointments.

What does it cost?

This fitness program is FREE to all full Y members. It is proudly offered as a membership benefit along with other classes and programs. The 6-Week Fitness Program is part of the AMA YMCA’s ongoing commitment to helping individuals and families achieve their personal best in the area of healthy living.

When you graduate from the 6-Week Fitness Program you will:

Be equipped to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident with an exercise program. You will better understand behavior change, equipment that’s easy to use and an exercise program that becomes part of your regular routine. You will be equipped with proven strategies on your new health and wellness journey!


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